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Gua Kota Gelanggi

Taman Warisan Kota Gelanggi

Adventure caving can be addictive, especially when it’s done with a group who are passionate about exploring dark rocky passages and discovering the wondrous world therein. You will awe by the massiveness of the caves, and narrowness of the routes.

Inside Taman Warisan Kota Gelanggi, there are many caves to explore. Among them are Gua Tongkat, Gua Kepala Gajah, Gua Angin, Gua Sanding, Gua Gelap, Gua Terang Bulan, Gua Balai, Gua Penyu, Gua tangga, Gua kelawar, Gua Hijau, dan Gua ular.

Some of the cave is complex, you need to go with a tour guide but some are easy. For those who like to explore by them self. Gua Terang Bulan, Gua Tongkat, and Gua Balai which is located road side and easy to explore. For those who are adventurous, can explore Gua Kepala Gajah, Gua Angin, Gua Sanding, and Gua Gelap. The whole route takes about 2hrs – 2.30hrs with tour guide.


In the state of Pahang northeast of Temerloh. From Temerloh go north to Jerantut, then turn right (east) on to the Jerantut to Maran road No 64 which is a new wide road. Kota Gelanggi is about 25 km east of Jerantut. Or from the main Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan road, there are 3 turn offs to Kota Gelanggi. One is at Kg. Awah, one at Jengka Jaya, one is route 64 from Maran.